New Year, Same Menopause

Another year come and gone, and another year of my peri odyssey completed! Yay! Now, if I only knew how long this witch is planning to stay around…

Since it seems like she plans to stay awhile, I was encouraged to see several new entrants and voices emerge in the menopause community last year, like the National Menopause Foundation, Perimenopause Hub, and perry., an online community that “wants to unf*ck perimenopause…” (you already know that I’m down with that). And the impressive growth of some more established players like MegsMenopause and Gennev (which has raised more than $5M on VC circuit), is a positive sign for the future of women’s wellness and menopausal health.

While these are all different resources with different value propositions, they’re ALL GOOD FOR THE CAUSE because it means that the conversation is growing and awareness – and support for those of us who need it — are on the rise. The more attention and light we can bring to the topic, the better, and I’m excited to see what new contributors will emerge in 2020.

Speaking of 2020, while I tend to reject New Year’s resolutions (it’s really just to be counter), the first of the year is inarguably a time of reflection for most – and of course, I’m no different.

So, while they’re not resolutions per se, I have been thinking on a list of things I’m absolutely going to do more of — and at the top of the list: continuing to be proactive in managing my own experience with perimenopause, and trying new solutions that address my symptoms and improve my overall quality of life. This includes experimenting with things like, seed cycling (look for an update to my 11/17 post in the weeks ahead), intermittent fasting (bloat be gone!), and CBD oil (sleep is possible!), while still struggling to conquer some pretty vicious night sweats and bouts of rage (though, noticeably less frequent…thanks to the seeds).

Anyway, I wanted to wish a Happy New Year to all (five) of you that have been tracking with me on my journey. It’s been an interesting ride… Here’s to a better menopause in 2020!

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