2022 – Is “Peri” Very On-Trend?

If Pantone is to be believed, then 2022 is the year that “peri” takes center stage. With their designation of 2022 as the year of “Very Peri”, it’s pretty exciting to think that perimenopause might be trending and FINALLY getting the attention it deserves.

Okay sure, I realize they’re talking about the color periwinkle — but context is everything. And since this is a blog about perimenopause, we’re gonna go with that.

This is my third “menopause year in review” post, and my fourth – or fifth – year in peri.

With each passing year I’ve gained enlightening insight into the complexities of menopause and menopause transition, i.e., perimenopause, while learning more about how to reconcile and manage my own mercurial transition.

I’ve also observed and experienced that the quality and depth of the discussions related to menopause have become both more nuanced and profound – much like the more than 30 symptoms with which it’s associated.

The subject matter expert (medical and non-medical) and content creator communities are expanding, and at the same time pushing against the diversity and inclusion  ceiling to reflect more perspectives and experiences. Great content – including lifestyle, storytelling and treatment information – is becoming more accessible and is playing out throughout  the podcast universe and on just about every social platform (including Pinterest and Tik Tok.

A few content creators that I follow pretty regularly and are worth checking out in the year of #VeryPeri:


Live Fearless – Based in Mumbai, India, Juilee Dandekar is “simplifying menopause with satire, knowledge & tips.” Juilee brings her full experience to her followers, allowing them to see the good, the bad and the ugly, as she manages her health and well-being following surgical onset menopause at age 37. You can follow her @livefearless.menopauseindia.

Bossa Bars for Menopause – Successful entrepreneur Julie Gordon White, has created a menopause energy bar that’s “delicious, low sugar plant-based bar for energy and weight loss support.” The Bossa Bar team also hosts an IG Live on a range of topics related to menopause transition and women’s well-being every Tuesday @BossaBarsforMenopause.

Gabriella Espinosa – Embodiment Coach and Menopause Mentor @GabriellaEspinosa, “[guides] you to connect to your body’s wisdom & own your pleasure, power & purpose through midlife and menopause.” She also hosts regular IG Lives on women’s health and wellness in midlife and beyond on her @my_menopausestory account.


Black Women in Menopause – UK-based, Anita Powell and Nina Kuypers run this private group on Facebook, which provides a safe space for Black women to ask questions and support each other. They also host virtual webinars via Zoom featuring experts addressing topics like sexual and reproductive health and menopause and mental health. They’re also on Twitter @BLKMenopause.


Here are some great podcasts that have made it into my rotation (usually on my morning walks with the dog) and I support them, for both the cause and the culture. They’re also pretty consistent in exploring topics that are engaging and relevant to me as a Black woman of a certain stage, and I often come away from listening feeling enlightened, validated or inspired:

Black Girl’s Guide to Surviving Menopause hosted by Omisade Burney-Scott

Menopause Whilst Black hosted by Karen Arthur

Welcome to Midlife-ish: Slay Menopause through Mindful Living hosted by Dr. Joy’El Ballard

All are available on Apple and Spotify.

Menopause information abounds and discussions about menopause are more prevalent than ever. Increasingly, menopause creators are taking on taboo topics, and they show promise for whittling away at the stigmas that keep so many from getting the treatment and relief they need.

But more information about perimenopause is still needed – and that’s why @menopause_made_modern is here. As we take on the year of #VeryPeri, I’m optimistic that we’ll delve deeper into some of the more controversial aspects related to perimenopause and menopause and continue to move the needle on:

Without a doubt, we still have a long way to go before menopause transition is truly a mainstream concern, but ultimately, what becomes fixed often starts with a trend. So, here’s to 2022 and the year of Very Peri!



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