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Denise Pines Ageist closed smilePP
Denise Pines – Blazing a Trail Through the Menopause Landscape

Denise Pines is a woman that has always had a lot going on. She’s at her best when she’s putting her ideas into action, and …

Embracing Self-Care with Gloria Smythe – The Menopause Stylist

One thing that being perimenopausal taught Gloria Smythe was that she needed to pay closer attention to the most important relationship in her life…the one …

The Menopause Diva: How Evelyn Femi-Paul is Changing the Way Black Women Speak About Menopause

As women, our life stories vary, but one thing holds true – we will each have a journey through menopause. But for many of us, …

The Happy Menopause
New Book Review – The Happy Menopause: Smart Nutrition to Help You Flourish

In my ongoing pursuit to better manage my own struggles with perimenopause, I’ve been much more focused on seeing how many of my related symptoms …

Whatever happened to the Red Tent?

So, I’m 45 years old and have been in perimenoupause for about two years, if not longer. Every month or two, a new symptom drives …