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Menopause Whilst Black – Season 2 Episode 9


In this episode, Menopause Whilst Black podcast founder and host Karen Arthur, speaks with Leadership Coach, Consultant, and International Speaker, Michelle Moore. A “straight-talking South Londoner,” Michelle shares her story of  experiencing perimenopause at 43 and how sleep disruption, fatigue and brain fog led her to incorporate hormone replacement therapy (HRT) into her treatment plan. Karen and Michelle have an open and honest discussion about the intersection of being a Black woman and managing menopause, owning our own health journey and moving beyond the judgment that comes with taking HRT.

Episode edited by: www.beyongolia.com Artwork: K. Arthur Music: Garden State by Audiobinger

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  • Hormone Therapy

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  • Woman-owned
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MMM Reviews:

I loved this episode because much of Michelle’s experience resonated with me — particularly the fact that she first began experiencing life-affecting symptoms related to perimenopause at age 43 (and was completely unprepared). While our symptoms have been different, our needs, wants and expectations for support — from our healthcare providers, personal and professional networks — are resoundingly similar.

Michelle speaks candidly about owning her own narrative and working through judgment — her own and that of others — when deciding whether or not to take HRT. As a lifelong athlete, she was used to managing her health and wellness through homeopathic treatment and a resilient mindset. But after experiencing a “costly” mistake as a result of extreme fatigue that she’d been unsuccessful in managing for over a year, she ultimately was able to reconcile that taking medication doesn’t equal weakness and taking HRT did not make her a failure. She now takes a combination of an estrogen patch and testosterone cream and says, “I’ve got my life back.”

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