Rating/Score: 4/5

Edge Naturale Hair Vitamins


Edge Naturale Hair Vitamins are made up of a proprietary, plant-based blend of 28 vitamins, minerals, and herbs. Suggested use is two vitamins, taken 1x daily with meals. Suggested to help grow thicker, fuller, stronger hair.

Key Ingredients:


Vitamin C


Treatment Type:

  • Natural Supplements

Other Tags:

  • Over the counter
  • Gluten Free
  • Made in the US
  • BIPOC-owned

MMM Reviews:

There are a range of hair vitamins out there that claim help with hair growth and while I’ve thought about trying some of them, I’ve never followed through. Mostly because it’s hard for me to take anything consistently day-in and day-out, and I was concerned that (yet again) I’d be wasting my money on something I’d take two or three times before it expired. Edge Naturale is “a proprietary plant-based, cruelty-free formula with 28 vitamins, minerals, and herbs, enhanced with Biotin and Selenium.” A Black-owned company, their ads were in pretty heavy rotation across my Facebook and Instagram accounts. Full disclosure, I decided to try the hair vitamins after one of their representatives reached out to ask if I’d be willing to try a 30-day supply at no cost and share my experience. Since I was balding (okay, thinning) and needed blog content anyway, I decided to take her up on it.

Overall, the vitamins have been fine and since I knew I’d have to write about the experience, I actually did pretty well taking them every day and completed the first 30-day cycle. The main ingredient is biotin (also known as vitamin B7), which is foundational for most hair vitamins, and has been shown to stimulate keratin (the protein that makes up our hair, skin, and nails) and increase the rate of hair follicle growth.

The label advises that you take two vitamins each day at mealtime, which I did. While I appreciated only having to take them once a day, they’re pretty big tablets and may be difficult to take for those who have trouble swallowing pills (fortunately, I don’t). They also have a pretty strong vitamin smell, but that’s about the worst of it.

Coupled with a daily intake of collagen peptide powder, I did experience some new hair growth over the course of a month. I also noticed that my hair was softer, less brittle and I was experiencing significantly less breakage. I’ve continued to take them every day, along with the collagen powder, and continue to see positive results with stronger and fuller hair.

Kamili W., age 47 (perimenopause)