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conditionHer™is a natural moisturizing cream formulated for use on external intimate areas, like the vulva, inner thighs and underarms. Designed for daily use conditionHER’s proprietary formula is designed to help reduce the appearance of ingrown hair and razor burn, soothe irritation from chafing, and nourish skin without disrupting healthy vaginal pH levels.

Key Ingredients:

Cotton Oil

Chamomile Extract

Shea Butter

Olive Oil

Treatment Type:

  • Natural Supplements

Other Tags:

  • Woman-owned
  • BIPOC-owned

MMM Reviews:

This vaginal moisturizing cream is great for everyday use. Made from all-natural ingredients, it’s meant to be used externally to promote hydration and help keep your sensitive skin moisturized. The compact tube makes it convenient to keep in your purse or throw in your suitcase (for those who are back to traveling). It’s light and odorless and absorbs well into my skin (I typically apply after my shower). I’ve definitely noticed less of a chafing feeling in my vaginal/inner thigh region since I added this to my menopause toolbox.

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