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Shades of Menopause

2022 โ€“ Is โ€œPeriโ€ Very On-Trend?

If Pantone is to be believed, then 2022 is the year that โ€œperiโ€ takes center stage. With their designation of 2022 as the year of โ€œVery Periโ€, itโ€™s pretty exciting to think that perimenopause might be trending and FINALLY getting the attention it deserves.ย 

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Tapping Into Your Body Wisdom For a Better Menopause with Gabriella Espinosa

An embodiment coach and menopause mentor, Gabriella โ€œGabyโ€ Espinosa works with women on owning their pleasure, power, and purpose in midlife and beyond. Through her company, Womenโ€™s Body Wisdom, she guides women to connect to themselves more intimately and tap into their โ€œbody wisdomโ€.

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Karen Arthur: At the Intersection of Black Women's Health and Menopause

As the founder and host of Menopause Whilst Black, a podcast she founded in 2020, Karen Arthur provides a much-needed platform dedicated to addressing the unique issues Black women face as we navigate menopause.

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